We are now selling meat “baskets”. Our pork is 100% grass fed (sometimes get a little barley as a treat during winter) and raised in the most ethical way possible (lots of natural grazing topped up with horse grade re-hydrated grass pellets during the winter). They have always lived outdoors with plenty of room to roam and root.

Our meat pigs are Mangantiza which are a hardy hungarian breed closely related to Wild Boar and can be thought of as basically an “iron age” pig (wild boar crossed with something else). They have a fabulous flavour and medium fat content.

We are selling variety baskets of frozen meat products (mixture of sausages, burgers, chops, ribs, legs/joints)  but if you can pop by in person we do sell all items individually and without the delivery costs.

10kg variety basket £55

20kg variety basket £100

Postage costs will vary depending on distance and amount (if interested ask for a price) as needs to be refridgerated as packages will be frozen.

Contact us for more details and on how to order